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lomasdelcajon - September 30, 2018!

Welcome Lomas del Cajón SpA


LomasdelCajon SpA, has its origins mainly from two partners who, being denominated neo- rural, they purchased half ha piece of land, planted with organic avocado trees in 2002 in Lomas del Cajón of San Pedro, which ones were later organic-certified in 2007. They and their neighbors have a total area of ​​123 ha from where 36 ha are planted with avocado trees. At the begining, only fresh avocados were exported (avocado Hass), until 2012, then, due to the droughts in the central zone of Chile, the shipment slowed down the progress of a good production exported to Germany and the US mainly.

With a fixed idea of achieving a way to preserve beyond the harvest season of the avocado, it was thought as the first idea, to make the fruit powder but the big question was how? It was arrived, that the best conservation formula is through the Lyophilization process. It is the only technique that preserves all the organoleptic properties of fruits or vegetables.


Our Company is focused on developing products with high added value, through processes such as Lyophilization. Integrating all producers and collaborators. Being a sustainable and sustainable companies.


To be a national benchmark company in giving added value to Chilean fruits and vegetables. Through standardized processes such as Freeze Dryed.

  • Preserves the flavor and color of the original product.
  • You feel the taste of the product as freshly prepared.